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Desk Layout

man working with office computerThe height of your desk, keyboard and VDU screen are crucial for maintaining the spine in its natural balanced position. The heights required are dedicated by your stature.

The Head

The head is held over the shoulders and is in line with the buttocks.

The Chair Seat

The seat should tilt forwards and the chair should have a rocking action. Adjust the seat height so the hip joint is higher than the knee joint.

Desk Height

The middle row of the keyboard is level with the elbow. (Use desk feet to raise it if it is too low)If you desk is too high raise the seat height).

Eye Height

The top of the VDU screen should be level with the eyes, and not lower than 21 degrees at the base.

The Advance Two Step

Place one foot in front of the other, try alternating feet position during the day. Movement is essential, exercise throughout the day, by rocking three to four times daily at hourly intervals as well as taking regular breaks to stand, walk and stretch.


To maximise health benefits and avoid back pain, sit correctly. The chair should be comfortable throughout the working day. The controls should be easy to reach. Adjust the seat and back frequently to suit the task and maintain full support. If present use a forward tilt on the seat to hold the balanced spinal position and rock often.

Good posture is just one of the tools of a healthier life. Add it to exercise, nutrition, emotional honesty and a healthy nervous system to find balance in body, mind and spirit.

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