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What is wellness?

Enjoying a Nutritious breakfastRegular chiropractic care and massage, eating a healthy diet, keeping your weight under control, regular exercise and stress management are all part of maintaining a overall wellness lifestyle. By following these practices, you can attain a healthier, happier and pain-free life. To help you achieve these goals, this section offers some helpful tips on how you can maintain a healthier body and mind.

Wellness is a paradigm, a view that guides and defines both scientific and clinical intent.

At the core of wellness is homeostasis and holism. Simply put, we as human beings in mind and body, are innately intelligent, self healing and self regulating and thus will always respond in the most appropriate way possible at any given time to any given environment.

Symptoms and Illness are simple signs that our bodies and minds are under stress and is being forced to adapt to our environment. Symptoms and illnesses are not indications that our bodies or minds are prone to failure but signs that we are failing to provide the proper environment to support it.

The goal of wellness intervention then is to support, or to stop chronic stresses and interferences to the body/mind so that the normal state of homeostasis and health can be restored or maintained. To achieve cell homeostasis is to achieve health. Symptoms and disease are not present in states of homeostasis therefore as homeostasis is restored they naturally fade away.

The Wellness Paradigm

Beautiful flower and rocksThe wellness paradigm is very distinct from the medical or allopathic paradigm.

The wellness paradigm is founded on the knowledge that the innate genetic intelligence is perfect and the natural expression of this is health and homeostasis. Wellness scientists and practitioners recognize the fact that the environment can interfere with the ability of the genetic intelligence to express homeostasis. The goal of wellness research and intervention is to drive the human ecosystem toward the natural state of homeostasis and health.

Practitioners consider an improvement in human ecosystem homeostasis and health a successful result rather than a mere decrease in symptoms. Symptoms are signals that our bodies are under stress and crying out for appropriate environmental changes. Removing the ability of the body to send signals without addressing the underlying cause is to me illogical. Equally important, symptoms and signs of disease can be absent even with non-homeostatic cell function occurring e.g. cancers, heart disease etc., and for this the goal of wellness intervention is always to restore homeostasis and not to only relieve symptoms.

The goal of a Chiropractic Wellness Practitioner is to move cell function towards homeostasis, to recognize and support the innate intelligence of the body and to remove or at least minimize inferences and stresses upon it. I.e. the minimization or elimination of toxicity and deficiency and the maximization or restoration of purity and sufficiency.

The wellness paradigm at The Bio Mechanix works along the model described above. Even though you may ask us to help with your back pain, neck pain, headaches and so forth, if we are to obtain optimum health, we must consider changes to your lifestyle i.e. environment. This means eating better, moving better and thinking better all within a genetic congruency of what our bodies/mind demand for a genetic expression of health.

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