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Minor Sports Injuries and Tensions

What are Minor Sports Injuries and Tensions?

Knee injuryThe quality of the nervous system plays a key role in sports and other physical hobbies or activities. Repetitive strain or overuse during sport and exercise can have a detrimental effect on joint function. This can result in reduced joint mobility, reduced flexibility, muscle and joint strength, reflexes, and therefore performance. These negative effects could potentially have a knock on effect and decrease your overall quality of life. Often, you don’t have to live with these unnecessary problems.

Chiropractic has been well documented to help with regaining co-ordination, strength and flexibility, agility, balance, kinaesthetic perception, power, and reaction time. In fact many sports teams and individuals employ chiropractors as an integral part of their team such as Chelsea FC, AC Milan, Lance Armstrong, Usain Bolt and Tiger Woods.

General Information

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How can The Bio Mechanix Help

Our team of practitioners at The Bio Mechanix is wholly committed to restoring our clients to their natural state of optimal body health. To achieve this aim, our expert chiropractors and certified massage therapists utilise state of the art equipment, such as electric treatment benches, manual adjustments, massage, trigger point therapy, stretch and exercise therapy, acupuncture as well as offering nutritional and exercise rehabilitation advice, in order to precisely diagnose the cause of your injuries and subsequently administer appropriate care.

We endeavor to remove pressures, tensions and those facts that interfere with your body’s healing ability, thereby facilitating your body to heal naturally and maintain its own health. As such, our clients can benefit from natural procedures that will alleviate their chronic pains without having to resort to expensive risky surgical procedures or unnatural prescribed painkillers.

Chiropractors at The Bio Mechanix help our athletes, from the weekend warrior to the elite athlete, achieve and maintain their competitive edge.

We Can Help

For more information on chiropractic care for your sports injuries, why not call The Bio Mechanix today and begin to revitalise your health and wellbeing!

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