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Hip, Knee and Ankle Pain Relief

What is Hip, Knee and Ankle Pain?

Holding kneeLower limb injuries are very common in all walks of life and can start at any age. As with all parts of the body, there are multiple pain sensitive structures and so multiple sources of pain/discomfort. It is the aim of your chiropractic aims to work out the true cause of the problem and then take the necessary action. In the majority of cases, the origin can be ascertained through a detailed clinical history and a thorough physical examination. If necessary, the patient may be referred out for further medical investigation and/or care if the condition is beyond the realm of chiropractic. However, this is not very common and chiropractors at The Bio Mechanix are able to take excellent care of you and your health.

Common causes of leg pain include:

  • Referred pain from an irritated nerve in the spine. This can sometimes be associated with tingling or numbness in the leg.
  • A vertebral disc injury such as a slipped disc, trapped nerve or radiculopathy.
  • Referred pain from the low back, hip, pelvis, pubic bone. When there is a problem in one of the joints in the spine and/or the pelvis it can result in leg pain.
  • Tissue injured from trauma e.g. sprained joints, ligaments, meniscus, joint capsule. This can come about from sports injuries, falls or tumbles, or any other physical activity and results in the joint or structure being stretched beyond its normal healthy boundaries.
  • Tendonitis. Commonly from overuse when a particular join has been worked repetitively in the same direction leading to inflammation of the tendons (connective tissue attaching the muscle to the bone). Eg the Achillies tendon or Knee tendons
  • Degeneration of a joint. Most often either hip or knee but sometimes in the ankle joint.
  • Muscle strain. Injuries sustained from physical activity may be more complicated than it initially seems.

Frequency and type of care with be dependent on the person and although joints obviously have individual properties, in essence, they work in the same way and so have many similarities.

How can The Bio Mechanix Help

Our team of practitioners at The Bio Mechanix is wholly committed to restoring our clients to their natural state of optimal body health. To achieve this aim, our expert chiropractors and certified massage therapists utilise state of the art equipment, such as electric treatment benches, manual adjustments, massage, trigger point therapy, acupuncture as well as offering nutritional and exercise rehabilitation advice, in order to precisely diagnose the cause of your injuries and subsequently administer appropriate care.

We endeavor to remove pressures, tensions, and those facts that interfere with your body’s healing ability, thereby facilitating your body to heal naturally and maintain its own health. As such, our clients can benefit from natural procedures that will alleviate their chronic pains without having to resort to expensive risky surgical procedures or unnatural prescribed painkillers.

We Can Help

For more information on chiropractic care for your leg, knee, and ankle pain, why not call The Bio Mechanix today and begin to revitalise your health and wellbeing!


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