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Stretches (passive) and Exercises (active)

To complement your chiropractic treatment program, together with the British Chiropractic Association, we have put together a series of spinal stretches and strengthening exercises.

These exercises are designed to initially stretch your spine and associated muscles that have become less flexible and then, after you feel more competent at the stretching exercises, to begin a core strengthening program.

Below are great examples you can download of how to stretch and strengthen your spine. First make sure you carefully read below how to perform a proper stretch technique. Take it easy to begin with, slowly build up time spent doing the exercises and stop if it hurts and consult us if pain persists. For more accurate results related to your condition, please consult one of our chiropractors and ask what stretches and exercises, the repetition amount, session required and hold time for each stretch and exercise.

Proper Stretching Technique

  • Perform balanced stretching. This means you should always stretch the muscles on both sides of your body evenly. Don’t stretch one side more than the other side.
  • Avoid over-stretching. Never stretch to the point of pain or discomfort. You will feel slight tension or a pull on the muscle at the peak of the stretch.
  • Go slow! Always stretch slowly and evenly. Hold the stretch for about thirty seconds and release slowly as well. · Never bounce or jerk while stretching. This can cause injury as a muscle is pushed beyond its ability. All stretches should be smooth, and slow.
  • Don’t forget to breathe. Flexibility exercises should be relaxing. Deep, easy and even breathing is the key to relaxation. Never hold your breath while you stretch.
  • If you feel pain of discomfort at any time during these stretches and exercises, it is important to stop and seek further advice from your chiropractor.

Neck Stetches and Exercises

Download and print exercise sheets 1-6 (links below)

Mid-Back (Thoracic) Stretches and Exercises

Download and print exercise sheets 7-12 (links below)

Lower back (Lumbar), Hip and Groin Stretches and Exercises

Download and print exercise sheets 13-24 (links below)

Basic Core-Stability and Full Body Stretch Exercises

Download and print exercise sheets 25-30 (links below)


Exercise Sheets 1-5.pdf

Exercise Sheets 6-10.pdf

Exercise Sheets 11-15.pdf

Exercise Sheets 16-20.pdf

Exercise Sheets 21-25.pdf

Exercise Sheets 26-30.pdf

Have fun and remember it may take months or years before you can reverse the years of inflexibility or weakness.

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