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Rugby Injuries

Rugby players chaseAs one of the most physical kinds of sport, rugby has an extreme contact nature and, as such, is well known for its high injury rate. Traumatic injury is the most common type of injury sustained, and the repetitive motion of the sport can also take its toll on players’ bodies; they can often develop joint stress and strain over time.

A rugby injury, of whatever kind and severity, is very important to treat as quickly as possible in order to reduce the risk of chronic conditions developing.

We successfully care for a variety of rugby injuries, including:

Here at The Bio Mechanix, whether you are a professional rugby player or an amateur enthusiast, our dedicated team of experts utilise their wealth of experience to conduct a host of chiropractic care programs. We carefully direct and control pressure to restore your joint to normal motion and function, thus releasing nerve interference. We can also alleviate muscle pain throughout the surrounding areas.

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