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Running Injuries

Heel pain while walkingMany running injuries develop as a direct result of the repetitive nature of running. Repeated impacts and forces experienced during running are often described as ‘shocks’ to the body and, over time, can cause significant stress and strain on your lower extremities. Running injuries are mainly caused through joint overuse, but they can also occur as a result of trauma, for example turning your ankle over on a curb.

Whatever the cause of your injury, it is vital that you get professional care as soon as possible. Chiropractic intervention can significantly help reduce the chance of long-term damage.

Here at The Bio Mechanix, we care for a variety of running injuries, such as:

Our dedicated chiropractors here at The Bio Mechanix are specialists at diagnosing and successfully caring for an extensive selection of running injuries. They use carefully directed pressure to adjust your joints and surrounding muscles to return proper motion and position, aiming for a complete recovery from your running injury and restoring full nerve function.

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