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Suggested Books

Chiropractic related must read books

• The Reality Check by Dr Heidi Haavik

• You can expect a miracle with Chiropractic by Dr John Hinwood

• Textbook of Chiropractic Philosophy Vol 1 by Rob Sinnott

• The Vital Truth. Accessing the possibilities of unlimited health by Dr Sarah Farrant

• Chiropractic First: The fastest growing healthcare choice before drugs and surgery by Terry A. Rondberg D.C (My Bible)

• The 14 Foundational Premises for the Scientific and Pholosophical Validation of the Chiropractic Wellness Paradigm by James L.Chestnut

Self Growth and Development must read books

• How to Raise your Self-Esteem by Nathaniel Branden

• The Power of Now, A guide to Spiritual Enlightenment by Eckhart Tolle (Boring but a sure winner)

• The Greatness Guide by Robin Sharma

• The Breakthrough Experience by Dr. John F. Demartini (My Bible)

• The War of Art: Break through the blocks and win your inner creative battles by Steven Pressfield

• Talk like Ted: The 9 speaking secrets of the worlds top minds by Carmine Gallo

Wellness must read books

• How to eat an Elephant by Brett Hill (My Bible)

• The Innate State of Mind & Emotional Hygiene by James L. Chestnut

• The Innate Diet & Natural Hygiene by James L. Chestnut

• The Innate Physical Fitness & Spinal Hygiene by James L. Chestnut